dandelions milk | Afra Eisma

No Man's Art Gallery is honoured to present dandelions milk, Afra Eisma's debut solo exhibition with the gallery. In the echoing worlds of two gallery spaces, where lips speak, drips fall, and ants scurry alongside otherworldly beings, Afra Eisma brings magical worlds to life, where emotion serves as a source of strength and trauma acts as a catalyst for self empowerment and change. The vibrant and colourful nature of Eisma's installations is a strategy to address sensitive issues and illuminate the darker sides of personal experiences. 

Tactile worlds exude playfulness and tell numerous interwoven stories. Eisma describes her rich imagination as a politically charged terrain; a universal space for gathering, exchange, and dialogue. dandelions milk emphasises the potential of radical imagination to build new world views; placing care, solidarity, and trust at the forefront. The role of mutual and reciprocal relationships within the artist’s ecosystem takes centre stage. 

dandelions milk is part of Amsterdam Art Week and extends to both gallery locations: Willem de Zwijgerlaan 327 and Bos en Lommerweg 88 and runs until July 21st 2024. For more information or inquiries contact info@nomansart.com

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