ONCE THERE WAS (N)ONE | curated by Fereshte Moosavi

Opening Tuesday 25 April 2023 from 5 - 8PM

25 April - 16 May 2023
Curated by Fereshte Moosavi

Amid times of ongoing cruelty, normalized violence, and never-ending war, this exhibition presents a number of artworks that counter the historical forgetfulness caused by such conflicts. Each artwork creates a monumental presence for the erased, oppressed, or marginalized beings and things. This is realized by combining the power of factual narratives with fictional tales that are founded on actual documentations, family archives as well as imaginary situations. The artworks include painting, drawing, sculpture, print, video and documentary by Khosrow Hassanzadeh, Mina Keshavarz, Sanaz Sohrabi and Ramtin Zad. 

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